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Caleb Williamson, a career CIA officer, disappears. Officials wonder whether he is a spy who has defected or the victim of a crime. Williamson's best friend, FBI Agent Tyler Bannister, is racing to catch an extortionist who has threatened to release a biological poison if a multi-million dollar demand is not met.

As Bannister manages to solve the extortion case, he becomes smitten with a woman at the FBI Academy. He life becomes complicated when his CIA friend Williamson turns up dead near a Virginia highway alongside the corpses of two women. Investigators learn the three victims were killed at different times, and Bannister is assigned to a task force to identify what looks to be a cunning serial killer. While Bannister becomes obsessed with finding the murderer before he strikes again, a fourth body is discovered The stakes become personal when it becomes evident the killer has targeted the FBI agent's new love interest. Bannister continues to work relentlessly until the final confrontation.

The Mile Marker Murders is a past grand prize winner from the Public Safety Writers Association for best unpublished fiction book. The Mile Marker Murders is a tale of murder intrigue and vengeance.

(Prime Impact is scheduled for release by BQB Publishing on April 1, 2020. It was awarded first place in the  "Unpublished Fiction Category" by the Public Safety Writers Association, July 2019).

Prime Impact starts with a federal prosecutor being found in a marble quarry ninety miles from Atlanta with his throat slashed. The case is assigned to FBI Agent Tyler Bannister. Suspicion focuses on two mistresses with whom the prosecutor was having affairs. A third suspect is Terry Hines, an international fugitive who Bannister arrested a year earlier for extortion. While on the lam in London, Hines provides terrorists with the name of a CDC microbiologist, deep in debt, who agrees to smuggle a biotoxin out of the CDC. Bannister's instincts tell him the prosecutor's murder and the terrorism case are connected. While trying to snap missing pieces into place, Bannister receives a letter and photograph from a woman with whom he had a one-week fling in California nineteen years ago. The terminally ill woman informs Bannister the photo is of a daughter he never knew he had. In a harrowing two-week period, the microbiologist is mudered, Bannister's daughter is kidnapped the day she arrives to visit him in Atlanta, and a terrorist cell activates an attack against the U.S. meat industry. In a race against time, Bannister and the FBI are left to rescue the kidnapped daughter, unravel intertwined murders, and stop terrorists from decimating the U.S. meat industry.

description of a biosafety laboratory-level 4


A key figure in Prime Impact is a microbiologist who works in one of the world's most sensitive laboratories. There are 13 BSL-4 labs in the U.S. where the world's most dangerous pathogens such as Ebola, smallpox, and anthrax are studied. For some exotic agents there are no known vaccines and infections can be untreatable and deadly. The scientist above has swapped her street clothes for scrubs over which a full-body, positive pressure suit is fitted. The biosafety suit adds about 10 pounds to her weight as well as six inches to her height. The suit is inflated by a constant airflow. Scientists must initially be prepared for feelings of claustrophobia and realize their movements are restricted because of having to constantly hook and unhook themselves from dangling air hoses throughout the lab.



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